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Q. Do I have to book?
We suggest you to book online.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes it’s very safe. Provided you follow the safety instructions you should be fine.

Q. Do you have timing? I want to know if I’m the fastest on the track.
A. Yes, we have lap timing on both track 1 and track 2.

Q. How tall do I need to be?
A. Cadet minimum height is 125 cm. Junior minimum height is 150cm.

Q. How old do I need to be to drive on my own?
A. Minimum age is 7 years old.

Q. How fast do the karts go?
A. Cadet 160cc karts up to 25mph. Adult 200cc karts up to 35mph. Pro kart 400cc up to 60mph. All depending on driver ability.

Q. Do I have to wear any special clothing?
A. We recommend closed-toe shoes, NO flip flops

Q. Is the FREE transport just for drivers or can spectators come too?
A. FREE transport is accessible to both drivers and spectators, depending on how many seats we have free at the time of booking. Please let us know when you make your booking.

Q. Is there a maximum weight limit for the karts?
A. Yes. 22 stone in the maximum weight to karts are designed for.

Q. Will my group be on the track at the same time?
A. This will depend on the type of age range your group is, and the type of karts you will be using.

Q. Is there food and drink available on site?
A. Yes we have a fully licensed bar, soft drinks and snacks as also available.

Q. Do you have discounted prices for Residents and the Armed Forces?
A. Yes we give a 20% discount on production of the Residencia Green Card, or the Armed Forces Veteran Card.

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